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Lawyer and journalist, having graduated from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, Valle de Sula (UNAM-VS). He has worked in radio, for print media, and as a web and investigative journalist. He has worked with environmental organizations and on investigations into forced displacement as a result of violence linked to drug smuggling.
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Fernando Destephen 1985 Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Photojournalist and storyteller.
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Periodistas, camarógrafos y medios de comunicación esperan la llegada del presidente de México Manuel López Obrador, en Casa de Gobierno en Tegucigalpa, Honduras, el pasado 06 de mayo. Foto CC / Jorge Cabrera.

Honduran journalist protection prosecutor office left unable to investigate murders or achieve justice for victims

Journalists in Honduras are vulnerable to violence, and impunity is the norm after any are attacked, threatened, or murdered. The only body in Honduras that investigates violence against journalists is the FEPRODDHH (a special prosecutor office). However, it only has five courts, all in Tegucigalpa and no dedicated investigators or any legal right to investigate murders.

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bienes incautados de juan orlando hernandez

Authorities seize 16 cars, 33 properties, 8 businesses belonging to former Honduran president and family

Translated on April 20 | A judge authorized the seizure of 33 properties, eight businesses, 16 vehicles, and other financial assets from former president Juan Orlando Hernández’s family. However, this represents less than half of Hernández’s $7.8 million net worth.
Recent news reports said that the former first lady sought to protect some of their wealth by transferring US$2.44 million in personal assets to a local bank, allegedly to repay a debt. This asset transfer temporarily prevented the Justice Ministry from seizing these assets, while prosecutors investigate whether the bank and Ana García de Hernández acted in good faith.

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Juez concede extradición de Juan Orlando Hernández mientras él grababa video en la silla del presidente de la Corte Suprema de Justicia Honduras 2022 noticias hoy extraditan

Complexities and politics of extradition revealed as Honduras` ex-president to be delivered to US

On March 16, after a judge authorized the extradition of former President Juan Orlando Hernández to the United States on drug trafficking and weapons charges, Hernández sat down in the Supreme Court president’s chair and began to record a video. The incident did not sit well with the Special Commission on Extradition of the National Congress, which had met in the same room a day earlier with several Supreme Court judges, including the president of that body, Rolando Argueta Pérez.

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Former Honduran president Hernandez gains immunity from drug trafficking allegations

Former Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández, repeatedly accused of having direct ties to drug traffickers, became a representative to the Central American Parliament in a virtual swearing-in ceremony on January 27. This granted him immunity from prosecution and extradition. A few days earlier, Representative Norma Torres of California had sent a letter to the United States Department of Justice asking for the immediate extradition of Hernández for drug trafficking.

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Luis Redondo | Juramentación Cn | congreso nacional | presidente del congreso nacional | en el | 2022 | diputados traidores | Libre | Libertad y Refundación

Political crisis in Honduras triggered with election of congress president

Competing boards of directors of the National Congress were sworn in on January 23 in Honduras. One was elected by a group of 79 legislators who met offsite, 30 kilometers from the National Congress’s chambers. The other board was elected by 50 members of Congress who met in a legislative chamber with no lighting. Some political analysts say the first board was legally elected, but the second one is backed by president-elect Xiomara Castro. The dispute will now have to be sorted out by the nation’s constitutional court.

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Corte suprema de juticia

Supreme Court ruling allowing Honduran president’s reelection was based on a lie

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights opposes unlimited presidential reelection limits on the grounds that it violates the American Convention and the American Declaration. Dr. Joaquín Mejía says that the Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of this practice should be criminally investigated, and that President Juan Orlando Hernández’s reelection was illegitimate. Mejia believes that Honduras’ Supreme Court should reverse this ruling and reestablish presidential term limits.

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Guías de familia

Politicians in Honduras are using vaccines for political gain

People are increasingly denouncing the National Party’s politicization of vaccinations in Honduras. These complaints not only criticize the national government, but also some mayors who are taking advantage of the situation to gain favor among the electorate and garner more votes in the November general elections.

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The narrow road ahead for Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández

The New York trial of Honduran drug trafficker Geovanny Fuentes has rattled Juan Orlando Hernandez and the country’s political elite. Devis Leonel Rivera, leader of the Cachiros cartel, testified in court that not only did he bribe the current president, he also bribed former President Jose Manuel Zelaya (2006-2009) and former presidential designate, Ricardo Alvarez, both of whom are running for Congress in the upcoming elections.

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