The migrant caravan of 2021: thousands flee from the Honduran crisis

Vista aérea de parte del grupo de migrantes hondureños ingresando al territorio guatemalteco

Approximately 7000 Honduran citizens are travelling through Guatemalan territory in the first migrant caravan of 2021. This exodus, possibly the largest since 2018, comes despite the pandemic and the widespread police and military deployment in Honduras and Guatemala.

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior from Jan. 16, 173 Honduran migrants have been deported back to Honduras, including 30 minors. In Chiquimula state, a large group of migrants came up against a Guatemalan military and police barrier. The government of Guatemala called on the Honduran authorities to contain the mass exit of their citizens through preemptive measures. A formal state of emergency remains in place in the territory through which the caravan will pass. 

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