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01/23/2022 – Honduras last country to go back to in-person schooling

12/19/2021 – The migration policy in Central and North America that doesn’t work

12/05/2021 – Tide-turning elections in Honduras

11/28/2021 – Honduran election results are in / Post-election forum

11/21/2021 – Fear and criticism grows in Honduras as elections approach

11/07/2021 – The criminalization of independent media, migrant caravan, and protests against corporate zones

10/24/2021 – The inhumane logistics of deporting refugees and migrants

10/03/2021 –  Pandora Papers investigation reveals top Honduran figures had offshore companies

09/26/2021 –  US violates Haitian refugees’ rights, pandemic corruption in El Salvador

09/12/2021 –  Mexico decriminalizes abortion, Honduran gov’t pushes corporate towns as employment solution

09/05/2021 –  Biggest mobilizations yet, cryptocurrencies, harsh treatment of migrants in Mexico

08/29/2021 –  The lie behind the move to allow reelection in Honduras, and Mexico deports documented migrants

08/22/2021 –  Remain in Mexico resumes, corporate zones become key campaign issue in Honduras

08/15/2021 –  Corporate towns, Indigenous take-over of Danone plant, US increases expulsions of migrants

08/08/2021 –  Vaccines used for political gain

08/01/2021 –  Central America rises up in protest

07/25/2021 –  Workers resist modern-day slavery in Honduras, while farmers flee north

07/18/2021 –  Powerful elite family implicated in Caceres murder trial

07/11/2021 –  Trained in the US, Castillo found guilty in Berta Caceres murder case

07/04/2021 –  Transnational textile workers fired during pandemic, US releases list of corrupt figures

06/27/2021 –  Central Americans trying to fight corruption, Covid-19 compounds migrants’ vulnerability

06/20/2021 –  Journalists and people of diverse sexuality murdered, while the judicial system is unreliable

06/13/2021 –  Corporate model cities are being built in Honduras, Harris says no to refugees

06/06/2021 –  A migrant’s dilemma: face death in Central America, or while trying to cross into the US

05/30/2021 –  Honduran woman criminalized for 11 years because of a miscarriage

05/23/2021 –  Pandemic being used by Central American officials to weaken democracy and accountability

05/17/2021 –  Six months on, no support for people who lost their homes during last year’s hurricanes

05/09/2021 –  Full vaccination for some Central American countries could take 10 years, and more..

05/02/2021 –  The obstacles and violence Haitian migrants face, Kamala Harris’ promises

04/25/2021 –  Honduras spent big on US lobbyists, and forced migration is highly profitable for Facebook

04/18/2021 –  Honduran president inflates his popularity with Facebook

05/11/2021 –  The trial of Berta Cáceres, economic inequality as violence that causes migration

05/03/2021 –  The Honduran president’s brother has been sentenced in the US

03/28/2021 –  Fake vaccines were headed to Honduras while real vaccines are slow in arriving

03/21/2021 –  This week: A president without a future, primaries that chose a criminal

03/14/2021 –  US companies benefit from child coffee labor, over 70 Honduran journalists accepted huge bribes

03/07/2021 –  The fallout of a femicide, covering up the president’s hospital stay expenses

02/28/2021 –  The hurricane excuse, dodgy politics behind Honduras’ first vaccinations

02/21/2021 –  Education out of reach for many during the pandemic, police kill nursing student

02/14/2021 –  Pandemic sees thousands of Honduran children missing out on school

02/07/2021 – Dubious healthcare procurements, and migration measures that don’t go far enough

01/31/2021 – How much can Central America hope for from a Biden government?

01/24/2021 – National Congress Seeks to Bullet-Proof Honduras’ Abortion Ban

01/17/2021 – 4000 migrants and refugees flee Honduras

01/11/2021 – The Honduran president lied about having Covid-19, and the real death figures resulting from the hurricanes have been buried

12/13/2020 – Nurses on the health and disaster frontlines, and 400,000 people still in temporary shelters in Guatemala and Honduras

12/06/2020 – Hurricanes and the pandemic have a disproportionate impact on rural, working class, and poorer Hondurans

11/29/2020 – Women farmers struggle to escape violence, while protests take off against the Honduran and Guatemalan governments

11/22/2020 – Two hurricanes in two weeks – Honduras and Central America face intense flooding

She has been a journalist for two decades. During the last 13 years she has worked as a journalist and editor from Venezuela and Ecuador, and now from Mexico. She is the author of a literary fiction novel, The Butterfly Prison, and a children’s book, The Beauty Rules of Flowertown.
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Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on October 9, 2001. Thinker, Honduran and New Yorker. Jorge is a student of Political Science and Latin America at Haverford College of Pennsylvania. Within his studies he focuses on the Honduran labor movement, the Banana Strike of '54 and militarism throughout Latin America. He is dedicated to representing the Central American Diaspora in the United States and fighting for the voice of the Latino community.