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Nicaraguan and Honduran nationality. Photojournalist with 20 years of experience covering international content. "Photojournalism has been present in my life for more than two decades and continues to be so day after day. "
Diverse voices

Abigaíl Galindo’s last photographs

In the image captured thirty years ago, four women engaged in sex work wait for clients on a park bench in Comayagüela, under a tree. From left to right pose Gaby Spanik, Bessy Ferrera, Abigaíl Galindo and Michelle: four important figures in the trans movement in Honduras. The night is dense, their gazes piercing.

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Is Honduras still a narco-state?

An investigation by Contracorriente revealed the effects of drug trafficking in the communities of El Merendón, in northern Honduras, where villagers still fear Geovanny Fuentes despite his arrest and sentence in the United States. Fuentes used public institutions to carry out illegal activities and his case showed how rooted criminal organizations are within the Honduran State. Is Honduras still a narco-state? Contracorriente discussed this issue on Twitter Space.

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drag queen honduras 2022
Documenting daily life

Indecency in the Open

Alexis Carrasco is sculpting Gallery, his other self. He has been doing it for ten years and is already an expert craftsman of the exhausting and painful work of momentarily transforming himself into a woman. First is the structure: foam rubber breasts, hips, and buttocks. That is the marble on which he sculpts his work.

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