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Fernando Destephen 1985 Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Photojournalist and storyteller.
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Nicaraguan and Honduran nationality. Photojournalist with 20 years of experience covering international content. "Photojournalism has been present in my life for more than two decades and continues to be so day after day. "
Human rights

The trial against JOH does not alter the existing reality in Honduras

“You have to learn to respect the opinions of others, what I’m telling you is that anything can happen and it’s possible that in the end JOH will walk free,” said one man to another in a store next to the old train lines, an area occupied by street vendors in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras.

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The Bukele effect: Honduras under curfew after violent week

The death of 46 inmates in The National Female Peninntenciary for Social Adaptation (PNFAS in Spanish), the murder of Ericka Julissa Bandy, in broad daylight in a bakery in San Pedro Sula, and the murder of 13 people in a pool hall in the Lopez Arellano sector in Choloma were the most shocking events of a week that registered more than a hundred homicides. This past week was one of the most violent weeks Honduras has experienced in recent years. President Xiomara Castro’s reaction was to militarize penitentiary centers and issue a curfew in the municipalities of San Pedro Sula and Choloma. Both actions are not well received by different groups of societies, such as local businessmen and family members of the prisoners. The Mayor of San Pedro Sula described the curfew as a shot in the arm for the country’s economy.

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The bitter side of Honduras’ sugar industry

There are approximately 200,000 active workers during harvest season in the sugar industry in Honduras. Most are working under a subcontract for sugar refineries and are not protected by labor laws such as social security, unemployment, or retirement benefits. Payment varies according to the amount they harvest, and workers often earn less than the minimum wage. Those who earn more push their bodies to the limit and have to work on Sundays.

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