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Previous newsletters:

02/07/2021 – ? Dubious healthcare procurements, and migration measures that don’t go far enough

01/31/2021 – ? How much can Central America hope for from a Biden government?

01/24/2021 – ? National Congress Seeks to Bullet-Proof Honduras’ Abortion Ban

01/17/2021 – ? 4000 migrants and refugees flee Honduras

01/11/2021 – ? The Honduran president lied about having Covid-19, and the real death figures resulting from the hurricanes have been buried

12/13/2020 – ? Nurses on the health and disaster frontlines, and 400,000 people still in temporary shelters in Guatemala and Honduras

12/06/2020 – ? Hurricanes and the pandemic have a disproportionate impact on rural, working class, and poorer Hondurans

11/29/2020 – ? Women farmers struggle to escape violence, while protests take off against the Honduran and Guatemalan governments11/22/2020 – ? Two hurricanes in two weeks – Honduras and Central America face intense flooding

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